Quinta-feira, 10 de Maio de 2007

Singers of the past and some bright newcomers, all of wicth are SINGER’S SINGERS


ARBORS 19351 www.arborsrecords.com


What an upbeat session this is. Maria can lift spirits hi. than most singers I know. She’s on top of it all here in a varied 14-song programme. The five musicians assisting her with ease are called “The Five Plays Women Of The World” and they are from the all-feamale jazz orchestra called “Diva”. Maria actually throughs herself into each song she sings. The excitement generated on her zippy version of fellow singer Sheila Jordan and Charlie Parker’s “Confirmation” exceeded most others sung and scatted before her. Listening to her will almost exhaust you.    Maria’s vocal is actually beyond description When she croons “My One And Only Love” (Mellin/Wood) she accentuates each and every meaninful lyric. Ms. Anadon is just about the most honest singer around today. In less than 3 minutes she’s on top of “Devil May Care” (Dourough/Kirkley). It’s a race to the finish line and she wins it hands down. Not to be overlooked is her swinging tornado like version of “One Note Samba” (Henricks/Jobim/Mendonca) sung once through but with intense enthsiasm and rhythm. She grabs you and never lets you go.
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