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Maria anadon is new voice but one that should be heard often.
She is native of portugal but one would not detect it in her singing voice. Her command of English is very natural. She also has done a whole bunch of listening. She is deep in the jazz tradition. She swings and I suspect being backed by the group of musicians presented here, she would have to do so just to survive!
The program of material chosen for this recording is varied and effective. For example, the tune “Black Coffee” is pratically a duet with voice and string bass. A risky undertaking but they pull it off magnificently. There are beautiful ballads such as “Tenderly”. They really get in to “Confirmation” in a real boppish fashion. An excellent balance of material.
The group heard here is four members of the band usually known as Five Play and Five Play is from the great female band, Diva. The leader of both is Sherrie Maricle. She is far more than a drummer on this date. She is a percussionist, using finger cymbals, triangles, and various other percussion instruments.
Anat Cohen is just one fine tenor sax player and a rare clarinetist. I’ve been a fan or hers ever since hearing her the first time. The pianist, litle is stature but big in heart and talent, Tomoko Ohno is one of those players who just knoes instintively what is needed for any given moment. Noriko Ueda plays the double bass both as time keeper and soloist as if her life depended on it . She is so sure footed.
Oh yeah, the “whomen of the world” thing. Sherrie is from USA, Anat from Israel, Tomoko and Noriko from Japan and of course, Maria from Portugal.
I guess by now you have figured that this is a CD I would not wont to be without and you are absolutely right.
It should not be difficult to find a coppy as Arbors records has a excellent distribution. Also the soundis first class thanks to Ken heckman of Red Rock Studios and booklet with the CD is well done and the notes well written by Will Friedwald.
                                                                                  ---Herb Young
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